5 Tips on Caring for Ceramic Knives

If you love to organize your kitchen in a modern way, then for sure you have ceramic knives in your kitchen. Am I right?

These are mostly fancy looking plastic utensils but the blades are quite sharp. However, you can now keep the edges sharp for a long time even. Well! Now don’t be much happy as there is a bad news too.


Yes! The bad news is that you can’t just avoid taking special care for them as they likely to breaks or stains if not handle with extra care. So here are basically some of the useful tips which will help you for taking the special care of these fierce yet fragile blades of the ceramic knives.

5 Tips on Caring for Ceramic Knives

Don’t drop them!

While using these fancy knives, don’t play with it or try to become a knife ninja.

Haven’t understood what I said? Well! You need to have a high reflex while using the ceramic knives. However, if you drop or bump the blades, there is a high chance of breaking.

Be choosy about what you cut — and where you cut it

As these knives are fancy looking, hence they are sharper than steel yet thinner and they are not as sturdy. So you need to basically avoid using them for cutting anything and everything.


Choose wisely what to cut and how to so as to avoid causing any damage. If you try to cut bones, seeds or anything hard like that with these knives, you are likely to break the parts of it.

Diamonds are a ceramic knife’s best friend

Want to sharpen the ceramic knives but don’t know how to do that? Well! You might have heard that “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”? But in this case “Diamonds are a ceramic knife’s best friend.”


Yes! If you want to sharpen those ceramic knives, then use diamonds to sharpen them. It is harder than the blades and thus it becomes easy to sharpen it. It will help you in keeping your knife’s blade blunt free.

Don’t put them in the dishwasher

You must be thinking then where to keep the knives-right? Well! Basically the ceramic knives are dishwasher safe but it is for a sure a bad idea to keep them there.

Why? As anything that goes into the dishwasher basically bumps around a bit and therefore, within the high pressure of the washer, the blades may break or chip.

Rather get a good faucet (read reviews here) and use that to clean the knives.

Store with care

Last and final step to keep the ceramic knives safe is to store it properly with care. They aren’t magnetized and thus you cannot just store in the magnetic strips.


Secondly, as they are quite sharp and brittle you cannot even keep them in an open area that too uncovered. Thus you need to find out something to cover them and keep them safely.

So these are basically few tips to keep your fancy and good looking ceramic knives clean and safe.

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